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Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University

Brief report


on completed activities

for the period

September 1, 2015June 30, 2016

Deadline of the report:
- by e-mail - till May 20, 2016

Please prepare presentation (pptx.) on the basis of report information in Russian and English languages for project web-site and send it by e-mail till May 26, 2016.
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Refinements to the content of some of the responses


Start of pilot training,

Training students due to renewed and newly developed training modules / subjects / disciplines

Is it planned to teach and to perform some practical assignments (at least to a limited extent) in English?

The number of analyzed current curricula/ disciplines:

The curricula of the following departments have been analyzed at the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University :

q Chemistry and Ecology

q Biology and Geography

q Technology of agricultural production

q Agrarian technology

There are 11 curricula.

The curricula of the following specialities have been considered:

v Ecology

v Agronomy

v Geography

Speciality: Ecology

1. Pedology– 2nd year  - 4 credits. Author: Bayzhanova Bibigul Kuanyshbekovna, candidate of  agricultural sciences

2. Bases of Radiation Ecology – 4th year, 3 credits. Author: Askarova Gulzat Shakirbekovna, candidate of technical sciences

3. Biogeochemistry and Ecotoxicology -3rd year -3 credits. Author: Abzhalelov Bakhitbek Baydosovich, candidate of biological sciences

4. Geoecology -4th year -2  crdits.

Author: Askarova Gulzat Shakirbekovna, candidate of technical sciences

After the end of the sixth semester, students have industrial practice in the department of "Ecology" in Kyzylorda city.

Speciality : Agronomy

1. Agrometeorology– 1st year-3 credits-20 students.

Author: Toktamysov Asset Myrzakhanovich, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor

2. Ecology– 1st year – 1 credit – 20 students.

Author :  Nazarov Esenzhol Assylbekovich, Espenbetova Sholpan Omarovna, candidates of technical sciences

3. Pedology– 2nd year - 2 credits – 25 students.

Author: Bayzhanova Bibigul Kuanyshbekovna, candidate of agricultural sciences

Speciality: Geography

1. Anthropogenic landscape studies– 3rd year – 3 credits– 11 students

Author:  Tazhenova Sandugash Kalmakhanovna,  master in geography

2. Meteorology and climatology– 3rd курс – 3 credits– 11 students

Author: Toktaganova Gulzhas Badanovna,

master in geography

3. The geography of soil– 2nd year – 4  credits – 11 students

Author : Kossanov Samalbek Orazbayevich, candidate of agricultural sciences

4. Geoecology and environmental protection -   4th year– 3 credits– 11 students

Author: Aidarov Orazhan Tursunkhozhaevich, candidate  of geographical sciences


Availability of updated/new subjects/ disciplines descriptions for the project introduced for the project with the recommendations of the Bologna process and (ECTS)
(description of  the Curricula/Module)

Teachers of the following department deal with a development of new training disciplines/modules

q Chemistry and Ecology

q Biology and Geography

q Technology of agricultural production

q Agrarian technology


Using the new equipment received in the educational process

Application of new software products.

The new equipment is placed in the room №305 on the 3rd floor of the 9th campus at the “Chemistry and Ecology” department of the “Natural history and agricultural technology" faculty.

Area of the place is 54 m².

Room is renovated, new furniture. Security alarm and air conditioning were installed in the room.


Abzhalelov Bakhitbek Baydosovich, candidate of biological sciences

Teachers of “Chemistry and Ecology”, “Biology and Geography” department of the natural sciences and agricultural technologies faculty teach in room #305. Classes are held according to the schedule of curricula.


How many master classes with the participation of European partners were held at the university?

The following master classes were held :

1. “The influence of anthropogenic factors on the environment” with 15 students majoring in 5B060800-Ecology;

2. “The effect of heavy metals in the soil of Kyzylorda oblast” for students majoring in 5B060800-Ecology and 5B011200-Chemistry;


Textbooks published in the framework of the project

1. R.A.Kazova, E.A.Nazarov “Analysis and assessment of anthropogenic impact of oil companies on the environment “(Monograph), Almaty, 2015, p.152.

2. T.Zh. Zhumagulov, P.A. Tanzharykov, B.B.Abzhalelov, M.M. Abzhayev “Improving ecology through the effective use of industrial waste” Monograph. 2015. p.249. Baquarda.

3.M.Zh.Doszhanov, K.N. Baitasov, P.A.Tanzharykov, U.B.Abdikerova The theory of non-stationary dynamic behavior of structural elements with the environment" Monograph. Kyzylorda,2015, p. 200.

4. Saduakaskyzy K. ,Abzhalelov B.B., Kuzhamberdieva S.Zh., Boranbaeva L.T., Zhagypar A. ,Zhumagulov T.Zh. Effect of fluctuations in the Northern Small Aral Sea on the ecological situation in the region // International journal of experimental education. #6. 2015. p.21-24.

5. Zhumagulov T.J., Kayupova M.K., Kuzhamberdieva S.J., B.B. Abzhalelov The content of heavy metals and petroleum in soils Kumkol field (Kyzylorda region) // International journal of experimental education. #6. 2015. p. 28-31.

6. Tohetova L.A., Abzhalelov B.B., Kuzhamberdieva S.Zh., Bekova M.K., Demesinova A.A. The results of the environmental spring barley  variety trials in rice crop rotation in Kyzylorda region// International journal of experimental education #5 (Part 1), 2016. p. 91-96.

It is planned to prepare the following textbooks for publication till the end of the project :

1. “The ecological state of the environment in the Aral Sea area”- group of authors

2. "Global Ecology" –group of authors


Number of sessions / meetings with the university administration, where

issues of project plan implementation  with the purpose of quality control (with the dates and the theme / consideration of the issue, the number of people) were considered


The number of completed activities to disseminate information about the project (theme activities, the amount of teachers, students, representatives of interested companies, educational institutions).

Information about the project on the Internet

3 presentations within the SESREMO project were presented during the period of  01.09.2015 – 20.05.2016 .

Presentations on Twente and Almaty.

List of presentation and publications :

1. Presentation of the project for the heads of departments of Korkyt Ata KSU

16.09.2015, conference hall, main campus

2. Presentation of the project at the meeting of the Academic Council of the  “Natural history and Agricultural Technology“ faculty, 25.12.2015,

room#201, 4th campus, Korkyt Ata KSU

3. Presentation of the project for bachelor, master, doctoral students and teachers of the “Natural history and Agricultural technology” faculty, 02.05.2016,  room #203, 4th campus, Korkyt Ata KSU


Activities of EMSO,

a business plan / business model of a  work

Please send a scan current plan EMSO work.

List of measures carried out in the last 6 months.

Please briefly describe one of the activities carried out acc. EMSO with the work plan. (Photo + activities)

Please describe the students' participation in the EMSO.

Brief description of the business model

(As planned to ensure the commercialization and development activities in 2016-2017)


Proposals for joint actions EMSO Network


A recent survey of students

A brief analysis of the survey.

Scan of some questionnaires


Describe what activities were conducted and will be planned in the third year of the project with the aim to continue functioning and to develop project results after  Tempus financing


Involving new members in SESREMO plus agreement and a network of offices EMSO


Information characterizing the project usefulness for your university


Were there bilateral agreements between the universities of the consortium during the project?

Are there any plans to issue such contracts until the end of the project?

Were there joint publications in the period of the project between the consortiums of universities?

Will there be such actions until the end of the project?

Indicate theme of the agreement


The presence of participants motivation and desire to  continue and develop exchanges and cooperation which have arisen during the period of the project

Please briefly describe the reasons for motivation and possible proposals and goals for further development.


Proposals for the formation of a joint final project brochure / collection of articles describing the results.


The impact of the project results on the students' chances of employment.


Important additional information about the performance of the university project

«Темпус – СЕСРЕМО» жобасы бойынша мониторинг өтті

Алматы қаласындағы Әл-Фараби атындағы Қазақ Ұлттық университетінде «Темпус-СЕСРЕМО» жобасы аясында «Израильде, Әзербайжанда, Қазақстанда экологиялық жүйелердің мониторингі үшін ғарыштан қашықтықтан байқау саласындағы білімді жетілдіру» бірлескен жобасы бойынша мониторинг өтті. Оған Қорқыт Ата атындағы Қызылорда мемлекеттік университетінің өкілдері т.ғ.д., профессор М.Ж.Досжанов, халықаралық байланыстар бөлімінің бастығы Т.Ы.Кеншінбай таныстыру қатысып, пікірлерін ортаға салды. Аталған жобаны орындау барысы туралы мониторингке Эразмус +, Әл Фараби атындағы ҚазҰУ мен Л.Н.Гумилев атындағы ЕҰУ командалары қатысты. Кездесуде білім алушылар және жұмыс берушілердің тығыз ынтымақтастықта университеттің білім беру процесінің сапасын қамтамасыз ету қағидалары мен Еуропалық стандарттарды әрі қарай іске асыру басымдықтарына, осы оқу бағдарламаларын оқыту сапасын арттыруға сәйкес, оларды шешу жолдары мен бірқатар мәселелері талқыланды. Жоба бойынша жаңартылған пәндер, Болон процесінің ұсынымдарына сәйкес сипаттаулар және есептік бірліктер тармақтарын ( ECTS) енгізу нәтижесінде университетте оқу үдерісі пәндерді таңдау еркіндігі мен білім траекториясын өз бетінше қалыптастыру мүмкіндігі ұйымдастырылды. Аталған халықаралық білім жобасына Берлин техникалық университеті (Германия,Берлин), Таллин технологиялық университеті (Таллин, Эстония), Sumgait мемлекеттік университеті (Sugmait, Әзірбайджан), Тел-Авив Университет (Тел-Авив, Израиль), Әл Фараби атындағы ҚазҰУ (Алматы, Қазақстан), Л.Н.Гумилев атындағы ЕҰУ (Астана, Қазақстан), Қорқыт Ата атындағы Қызылорда мемлекеттік университеті (Қызылорда, Қазақстан) сынды оқу орындарының командалары қатысты.

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