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Historical Museum

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Historical Museum was opened in 1997 by the 60th anniversary of the university.
The information on pre-university college, the Kazakh-Turkish lyceum, education high school "Kabylet", libraries with book fund of one million copies, as well as the well-known all over the country folk and ethnographic ensembles "Syr Suluy" and "Didar" is presented here along with the history of formation and development of the faculties of the university.

In the museum equipped with a variety of materials and photographs, diagrams and photostands, diagram-schemes a worthy place is occupied by photos of rectors, who led the university in different periods of development, starting from time of foundation until the present time; the information on their activities and achievements are prsented.

In addition, the museum has photos of veterans of the World War II (1941-1945) who worked at the university, as well as their personal belongings and documents. Here are the pictures and scientific works of university graduates, including prominent scientists, public figures, well-known in the country and its borders, such as D.Kishibekov, A.Nyssanbaev, N.K.Nadirov, T.Turlygul, K.A. Bissenov, etc. There are photographs of famous figures of culture, art, athletes including - People's Artist of the USSR R.Baglanova, a poet-improviser L.Abdyhalykova, the three-time world champion, a champion of the Beijing Olympics I.Ilyin in our museum.

Our address: Historical Museum - 75Zhahayev str.
Palace of Students, the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University,
the 1st Floor

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