"Сыр түлегі" Newspaper

2 қыркүйек, 2020 жыл

28 мамыр, 2020 жыл

22 april, 2021 year

28 april, 2021 year

10 november, 2021 year

The newspaper "Syr Tulegi" of the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University has been published since 1992.

The main purpose of the newspaper is to acquaint employees, teachers and students of the university with scientific, social, and cultural news. Increasing the creative abilities, creativity of university students, a tendency to write.

Provide information about activists who are actively engaged in public work, help with excellent education, university students who have achieved success in a particular field.

The work of students who completely own a finished pen is published in the category "Akzholtay zhanalyk", "rukhy", "Zhalyn", "kafedra", "alashtan kalgan asyl soz", "Tugyr", etc.

There are also categories "Bizdin maktanyshymyz", "Men tandagan mamandik".

The newspaper is printed on a computer and printed in an offset manner at the “Baspa” publishing house.