Sports club "Syr Symbaty"

Head Sports Club - Aliev Kairat Zeravshanovich
The activity of the Sports Club "Syr Symbayt" is aimed at planning and conducting activities to promote physical education and sports-mass work at the university.

The club works closely with such agencies as the regional, city sports committees for physical culture and sport, the National Research Center for Physical Education in the city of Almaty.

The Sport Club makes a a great assistance in organizing s and conducting sports events at the university, the region and in the country. It actively participates in the development of work programs of disciplines, strengthening the material sport-technical base of university.

To date, 21 sports sections in such sports as basketball (male \ female), volleyball (male \ female), football, judo, gymnastics, athletic, Kazakh fight, karate, freestyle struggle, togyzkumalak, table tennis, all-round presidential, boxing, taekwondo, handball (men), athletics, military and applied sport exercises, shaping, chess are under successfully operation at the Korkyt Ata KSU. The general management and control over their activity is carried out by the Sports Club "Syr Symbaty."

Also, the university rectorate and the sports club "Syr Symbaty" annually organize presidential tests among students, faculty and staff of the university, the traditional sports contests among the first-year students including PTS of the high school - "Fit and Health," among students of faculties by 8 kinds of sports, traditional judo competition among students dedicated to the Independence Day of the RK and etc.

Goals and objectives of the Sports Club "Syr Symbaty"
The main purpose of the sports club is to promote the education of professionals from developed, ready for a highly productive work in their chosen profession, capable to use and implement physical education and sport in educational and industrial activity, to organize a healthy lifestyle, the development of activity and initiative of citizens, meeting the professional and amateur interests in the field of physical culture and sports.

Also the Club's objectives include:
- involvement of students, graduate students, masters, teachers and university employees and their families in a systematic physical culture and sports;

- education of the physical and moral willpower, health promotion and disease reduction, increase of professional readiness’ level, social activity of all members of the staff of higher education;
- organizing and holding mass, health, physical education and sports activities;
- creation of sports clubs by sport kinds;
- promotion of physical culture and sports, healthy lifestyle, the organization of meaningful leisure time, involvement of the broad masses of athletes and sportsmen of the University to mass events.
The Sports Club carries out its work in direct contact with the rectorate, the deans of faculties and community organizations, the department of physical education and has the following functions:
- introduction of physical culture and sports in a academic and work activity, life and leisure of students, faculty and staff of the university;
- training the club members to carrying out the President's tests on physical fitness;
- education, advanced training and research of the practice of social, athletic training, athletic organizers, sports judges, public instructors and trainers;
- control of educational and training process in the sections of the sports club to prepare student-athletes of the highest athletic skills helps to create the necessary conditions for the growth of their sports skills;
- registration and accounting records of achievements in sport, building the university team by kinds of sports and participation in sports events;
- ensuring efficient and effective use of the material-technical base, sports facilities, inventory and equipment.

The Sports Club is open to any pupil, student, graduate student, master student, teacher, employee of the high school. Membership in sports club is held by the Club's Board or Board of the Faculty of Physical Culture.


Our Address:
Sports Club "Syr Symbaty"
Academic Building № 6, Department of Physical Education
Phone: 8 (7242) 27 72 57