Agrobiological site and greenhouse facility


Center "Agrobiological site and greenhouse facility"

The objectives of the Center are as follows:

- organization and assistance to specialized departments and laboratories in the field of approved scientific directions;

- organization for applied research and the implementation of practical developments aimed at commercial implementation;

- ensuring the participation of teaching staff and students in announced scientific grants and competitions and the preparation of the tender documents;

- search and call cash and extra-budgetary funding;

- development of both innovative activity and applied research in priority and promising areas of development of the regional economy;

- improving the scientific and methodological support of the educational process;

- testing and implementation of scientific results;

- preparation for publication of materials reflecting the research findings;

- establishment of contacts and development of cooperation with both leading experts in the relevant scientific area and engineering laboratories;

- use of the agrobiological site in the educational process, for scientific research in the dissemination of knowledge and as a demonstration park of scientific achievements;

- providing the necessary conditions for delivering training sessions and practices of students majoring in agricultural and biological specialties, as well as advanced training courses for personnel;

- ensuring the conditions for delivering research of students, undergraduates, doctoral students of the university employees and the implementation of scientific projects and grants;

- organization and implementation of the necessary agrotechnical measures for the care of tree planting on the agrobiological site and vegetable crops planted in the greenhouse using low-volume technology and drip irrigation systems;

- providing meteorological data research conducted within the framework of research plans of the university structural units.

Center staff comprises of 7 staffing positions:

1. Head - 1;

2. Head of the greenhouse - 1;

3. Junior research assistant - 1;

4. Methodologist - 1;

5. Vegetable technician - 1;

6. Gardener - 1;

7. Operator - 1



Ақылбаев Қайрат Игісінұлы - «Агробиологиялық учаске және жылыжай шаруашылығы» орталығының  жетекшісі, техника ғылымдарының кандидаты


Akylbayev Kairat Igissinovich - head of the Center "Agrobiological site and greenhouse", PhD 

Акылбаев Кайрат Игисинович - руководитель Центра «Агробиологический участок и тепличное хозяйство», кандидат технических наук




Оразалиев Бақытжан Абсамиұлы - кіші ғылыми қызмметкер, ауыл шаруашылығы ғылымдарының магистрі 

Orazaliyev Bakytzhan Absamiyevich - junior researcher, master of agricultural sciences 

Оразалиев Бакытжан Абсамиевич– младший научный сотрудник, магистр сельскохозяйственных наук



Нұрғалиева Алтын Өтегенқызы – әдіскер

Nurgaliyeva Altyn Utegenovna - methodologist 

Нургалиева Алтын Утегеновна - методист




Дямуршаева Галина Евненьевна - жылыжай шаруашылығының меңгерушісі

Dyamurshayeva Galina Evnenyevna - head of the greenhouse 

Дямуршаева Галина Евненьевна – заведующая тепличным хозяйством




Құлмаханов Сыланбек Алпанұлы– бағбан

Kulmahanov Slanbec  Alpanovich - gardener

Кулмаханов  Сланбек Алпанович- садовник



Оразбеков  Нұрсұлтан Оразбекұлы – оператор

Orazbecov Nursultan Orazbeculi - operator

Оразбеков  Нурсултан Оразбекулы – оператор





Сейіл Оразбек Орынбасарұлы -  техник-көкөніс өсіруші 

Seyil Orazbek Orynbassarovich - vegetable technician

Сейил Оразбек Орынбасарович - техник-овощевод