Scientific and Technical Library




   SatbaevaGulmiraAlibaevna                          Director of Scientific library                       

   Phone number                                              8 (7242) 27-49-17
                                                                             8 (777) 657-07-26









   Kiyasova Aigul Rystanbekovna                     Head of Service Department          

   Phone number                                               8 (7242) 27-49-17
                                                                              8 (705) 529-20-20









   Esmagambetova Gulnar Kalievna                 Head of the acquisition and cataloging department                                 

   Phone number                                               8 (7242) 27-49-17
                                                                              8 (777) 423-39-69









   Saduakasova Saltanat Zhenisovna                           Head of the Department of Digitalization

                                                                                        of Library Information Processes      

   Phone number                                                           8 (7242) 27-49-17
8 (747) 644-61-95









The main tasks of the library are:

• Ensure the effectiveness of the functioning of educational, educational and methodological literature and electronic base in the direction of the University;

• Form a library fund in accordance with the profile of the University and information needs of users with databases of domestic and foreign electronic library systems;

• To organize the work of the efficiency of library and information-bibliographic services to users in accordance with information requests;

• Coordinate the integration of the library's work with departments, faculties, institutes, structural divisions, scientific and public organizations.



The main functions of the library are:

• Differentiated user service, applying methods of individual and group service;

• Organize and control the work on the selection and accounting of printed and electronic information resources;

• Analyze the current library collection (prices of all publishing houses of the Republic of Kazakhstan) and develop plans for acquisition of educational, scientific, educational and methodological literature and electronic database based on applications from the teaching staff of the University;

• Study, generalize and disseminate the experience of leading universities in the field of using electronic databases in the educational process and the mutual use of library funds through the IBA.

• Carry out acquisition and completion of the library's collections and information resources with domestic and foreign publications, documents, sources in accordance with the profile of the university;

• Create conditions and expand opportunities for independent work of all categories of students;

• Establish online and offline communication between the librarian and the user through the automated information library system;

• In accordance with the established procedure, get acquainted and analyze the quality of educational programs (syllabuses) of the teaching staff and the subject of the research work of the department;

• Conduct monthly online promotion of significant dates, through thematic and virtual exhibitions, conferences, presentations and other forms of mass work.

• Conduct quarterly online and offline seminars with the teaching staff of the university, in order to get acquainted with the new electronic library systems (EBS) and introduce the database into educational programs.

• Analyze the collection of educational literature and regularly cleanse the collection of worn-out, non-core, unnecessarily duplicated literature by timely writing off, redistributing, exchanging or selling literature written off from the fund;

• Strengthen the work of the library between departments, institutes, structural divisions, scientific and public organizations.