Departament of Economic Affairs

Departament of Economic Affairs


Head of control  – Dospenbetov Baglan Zholmanovich

Office for economic work is a structural unit of the university providing for service to life support facilities of the university.

Major functions of the Office for economic work:
- uninterrupted supply by heat and electricity and water supply;
- provision of training facilities, dormitories, laboratories by high-quality inventary;
- improvement of social-living conditions of students in domitories;
- provision the students and staff with qualitative nutrition at the University public catering;
- capital construction, overhaul and repair of buildings and facilities of the university;
-maintenance of the University car park in good technical condition;
- landscaping, planting and cleaning areas boardering to the university;
- organization of agricultural work to care for plantings of trees and crops on agrobiological station and landfill and the cultivation of vegetable crops in the greenhouse;
- conclusion of agreements on financial and economic matters.

The control consists of:


Head of the dining room - Kojanova M. S.

The Division provides catering services for staff and students.

The structure of the division are as follows:
-dining corps № № 1,4,6,9;
-cafe "Zhiger" and "Karakoz", bakery.

Major objectives of the division:
- providing high quality of food preparation, bakery and confectionery products and culture of public service;
- compliance of the rules of industrial sanitation with fire safety regulations.