There was the opening of the decade "Mustafa Shokay and national spirituality" in the school-lyceum of information technologies No. 187 named after M. Shokay organized jointly with the Department of History and Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan of the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University in honor of the 130th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding public and politician Mustafa Shokay.

In his opening speech, the director of the school-lyceum noted that the organization and holding of this event is a tribute to a person known not only in our country, but throughout the Turkic world.

In the course of the event, its participants got acquainted with the works of M. Shokay, as well as with works about the life and work of one of the leaders of the Alash movement. A concert program was prepared.

The purpose of the event is to acquaint the young generation with the life and work, the rich spiritual heritage of the national leader, and tell about his role in the struggle for the independence of our people.

Professor of the Department of History and Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan", Ph.D. M. Ansatova made a report “The historical significance of the works of M. Shokay”; history lecturer Zh.Kayikbayeva. She told about how the problem of strengthening the unity of Turkestan was highted in the works of M. Shokay.

Descendant of Mustafa Shokay U.S. Bakirov shared the memories of his ancestors about M. Shokay, stressed that his whole life is an example for future generations.

The given event is of great cognitive and historical significance, it forms a sense of patriotism among students, arouses interest in studying the heritage of M. Shokay.