Presently the accreditation is considered as a basic tool for ensuring relevant quality of education. It can be get through introduction of the demands for education process, requirements set forward the content of the educational programs and the normative documents identifying the conformity of the assessment of educational processs to these reqiurements.
Accreditation is a process evaluating the quality of high educational institution activity and its separate educational programs and a conformity to the existing standards and criteria by the accredited body. Accreditation is divided into both institutional and specialized and national and international ones. Specialized (program) accreditation is summed by individual educational program accreditation. In Kazakhstan the accreditation of the educational institutions is implemented on free base. The educational institutions have a right to choose the accreditation bodies.
Undergoing accreditation plays a great role in the high school activity, it became its institutional sign as it is implemented by the independent agency and based on the advanced experience of the institution; it relies on the coordination of educational programs or purity of the academic structure. Accreditation is a synonym to quality.
In November 2017 the university underwent the institutional accreditation of the independent Kazakhstan Agency for ensuring quality in education and as a result, on December 25, 2017 the university was given a certificate on accreditation for 5 years (registration №0085).
In 2017-2021 academic years 80 educational programs underwent specvialized accrediation through the independent Kazakhstan Agency for ensuring quality in education including 47 majors of undergraduate, 26 majors of magistracy and 7 PhD for 5 years.
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82 educational programs of Korkyt Ata KU including 47 – bachelor programs, 27 - master's programs and 8 - PhD doctoral programs passed the specialized accreditation at the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA) and the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR).


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