Council of veterans

The Department plans, organizes and co-ordinates :

- R & D activity carried out by research institutions, faculty, learners of the university;
- training of postgraduate professionals.

Key functions :
- Planning, organization and coordination of research, research projects, scientific research institutions and academic staff of the university;
- the most effective use of scientific potential of the university faculty and staff in the implementation of R & D in priority areas of science, on orders of the enterprises;
- organization and provision of advice and technical assistance in the participation of faculty and students in national and international competitions of scientific projects in promising areas;
- conclusion of contracts for the execution of research projects on research and development , R & D with KH RK , with enterprises and other relevant organizations on the types of research performed;
- planning and organization of work on the creation of new research centers, laboratories and other research departments.
- development of scientific and technical cooperation with foreign and domestic research centers and universities;
- development of effective commercialization of research projects, technology, patents;
- planning, organization and coordination of the work on training in areas of post-graduate education;
- planning and organization of work on the review and approval of dissertation topics, consolidation of domestic and foreign leaders , preparing theses according to the requirements KKSON MES , publishing articles of PhD students in top-rated journals;
- planning and organization of work on academic mobility, foreign research fellowships , research and teaching practices of masters and PhD students;
- oganization of the Council of young scientists and research and development work of students;.
- planning and organization of work for scientific conferences, forums, workshops, seminars, exhibitions according to the results of research .
- organization of issue of the "Herald of KSU", preparation for publishing collections of papers and conference proceedings conducted at the University .


Contact: Tel. : 8 (7242) 26-33-01
Address: 120014 , Kyzylorda , 29 A Aiteke Bi, room 317