Department of Service management and information security


 Head of the department - Toishybek Kuanish Toishybekuly

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 The Department of service and information security is a structural division of the University that provides maintenance of the University's computer Park, timely prevention and repair of equipment, ensuring reliable operation of programs installed in computer classes, providing antivirus protection of computer equipment, as well as the organization of a single information space at the University based on the construction and support of a corporate network.

The tasks of the information management are:
-Assistance in conducting University-wide events where the use of information technologies is required;
-Consulting teachers and employees in the field of information technology;
-Maintenance and repair of office equipment of the University;
-Providing repair of office equipment for warranty service in the appropriate service centers;
-Preventive maintenance of computer equipment, as well as current repairs of monitors and printers;
-Install (restore) Windows operating systems and other applications;
-Installing and updating antivirus programs;
-Implementation of computer and video-audio technology in the educational process;
-Organization of development and application of new software and technical means of information technologies in education, accumulation;
-Ensuring the sharing of network resources;
-Providing e-mail;
-Secure access to the Internet and databases;
-Ensuring the security of University databases;
-Development and maintenance of application programs for automation, management and control of the University's structural divisions;
- Modernization of existing automated work places (APMS) (as necessary).

Address: Aiteke b 29 A
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