Research Center "Shokay studies"




   Taiman Sagat Tamshybayevich                   Head of the Research Centre "Mustafa Shogay"                                   

   Academic degree:                                         Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

   Phone number                                            8(7242) 27-47-95








   Abdizhalel Bakir                                               Scientific advisor                                   

   Academic degree:                                             Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor

   Phone number                                                8(707) 745 98 78








   Zhusupbekova Botagoz Arystanbekovna       Junior researcher                                   

   Academic degree:                                             Master of historical sciences

   Phone number                                                8(707) 745 98 78





 The main tasks of the Center:

- Systematic implementation of the programs " "Looking into the future: modernization of public consciousness", "Seven Facets of the Great Steppe";

- Collection, propaganda, scientific study and dissemination of the cultural, spiritual and scientific heritage of the leaders of Mustafa Shokay and Alash;

- Organization and implementation of fundamental and applied research in the field of studying the heritage of Mustafa Shokay;

- Establishing partnerships with foreign and domestic research centers studying the legacy of the figures of Mustafa Shokai and Alash;

- attraction of extra-budgetary funds for the implementation of research projects;

- Scientific and methodological support of the educational process according to specialized educational programs. - Improving the efficiency of research work of the department;

- To contribute to the comprehensive development of students' research creativity. The main functions of the Center:

- Organization of scientific conferences, seminars at international, republican levels on the legacy of Mustafa Shokay;

- propaganda of the legacy of Mustafa Shokay and the leaders of Alash;

- implementation of research projects on the legacy of Mustafa Shokay;

- to guide and advise students on research work.


Exhibition Hall of the Research Center "Shokay studies"

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