Department for educational affairs and youth policy

Department for educational affairs and youth policy



Director of the Department: Bazartay Zhandos Nurtayovich
The Centre includes: Union of students, student’s trade committee, Palace of students, museums and exhibition hall.

Major objectives of the center:

- In-depth introduction of complex events and trends allowing to carry out a full-fledged cultural development of students and the enrichment of the intellect and outlook by involving students in active participation in public life of the university;
- Development of students' leadership skills, organizational skills development through active, creative and productive social activity at the university;
- Implementation of state youth policy in the field of education in accordance with the “Law on Education”, the “Law on Youth Policy” in the RK and other normative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- Synthesis, dissemination and implementation of educational excellence of the best departments of Korkyt Ata KSU, and universities of the RK;
- Orientation of the educational process on the formation of the solid foundations of morality and patriotism to the country, the customs and traditions of the Kazakh people, awareness of rights and responsibilities of the individual to society and the state;
- Improvement of the educational activities at the Korkyt Ata KSU;
- Coordination of the organization and conduct of educational work at the university;
- Development of guidelines, manuals to assist tutors and educators on issues of educational work with students;
- Study of modern interactive methods and means of education, promotion of health, physical education and sport, expansion of outlook and raising the general cultural development of students;
- Coverage in the media publications and articles on healthy lifestyles, perspectives and realities of the problems of students’ education;
- Organization and holding various cultural events including stocks, contests, forums, open public debates on issues of education of students;
- Organization of meetings with interesting people, members of the public, art, science, religious organizations, law enforcement, media, government officials, health workers;
- Conducting educational seminars, scientific conferences, lectures at the faculties, institutes for the curators, professors, heads of departments, deans, directors to improve the quality of educational work;
- Participation in sport events, creative contests, festivals, debates held in the municipal, provincial, regional, national and international level.

Contact by phone:
8 (7242) 27-04-81